1 April 2010

All Times belong to Him: your Paschal Candle

In many parts of the West, people liked to show how the current year related to broad chronological markers. So, each year, a piece of paper, called the charta, was fixed to the Paschal Candle; a custom which survived at Amiens until 1969.
The following, which I hope is accurate for Easter 2010, translates, simplifies, and updates French examples of charta texts (some of which were very long).
Year since the Lord's Incarnation 2010
Year since the Lord's Passion 1977
Year since our Lady's Nativity 2024
Year since her Glorious Assumption 1960
Year of the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI 5
Year of the Ebbsfleet Apostolic District 16
Year of the Episcopate of Bishop Andrew 10
Scope for eccentricity is endless; Since the Creation (6010, according to Rouen); Since the Foundation of the Church of Enland (1413), ...

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Sui Juris said...

Scope for eccentricity is always endless.

Surely Church of England chartas should have at least the regnal year (Jacobite [13] or Hanoverian [58] lines, according to taste), years since the Rayal Martyrdom [361] and the Restoration [349], and, while on that note, since the fall of Constantinople [556].

Thinking more ecumenically Lepanto [438] should be included.

In local commemorations, since in the good old CofE we are all popes in our own parishes, the number of years the incumbent has been in post should be there [just 2 in my case] and the number of years that the oldest flower lady has being 'doing' the church [I'd have to check]. Part of the patrimony, too, is the commemoration of long-past controversies. So on my charta will be "Years since the removal of the pulpit: 19" and "Years since Mrs (name removed for pastoral reasons) got very upset at something no-one can remember, and hasn't come to church since: about 40.

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