23 November 2008


As we pray for the departed in this Month of the Holy Souls, I hope we will not forget a deeply Christian nation, the Ukrainians, who are commemorating the 75th anniversary of their Holodomor - the deliberateley contrived mass starvation which Stalinist Russia unleashed upon them. It is estimated that between seven and ten million of them died.

As well as being a pious act of charity, such prayer would serve to remind us of one or two things. We live in an age of 'Apologies', when we are supposed to be sorry for acts of oppression and cruelty perpetrated by our predecessors; perhaps, for example, in the Slave trade. I am distinctly dubious about this; but, if we are to play such games, and if those of us now who have the 'Christianity' label attached to us are to 'apologise' for iniquities done in past generations by other people who also had the 'Christianity' tag around their necks, then I think it would be rather jolly if those now who wouldn't vastly object to being called Scientific Atheists did a bit of grovelling for what the soi-disant Scientific Atheist Joseph Stalin did.

And it is good to remember that nations other than Jewry have had their holocausts. I think there is something unfortunate about the anger some Zionists ( by which I do not mean all Jews) express when this is mentioned. It is as if they regard their community as having an exclusive right to the status and rhetoric of victimhood. When they go on to treat Palestinians as just a problem, as a group who have no rights and whose land can be appropriated to provide lebensraum ... I think you can guess what I'm going to say.

And, right on our doorstep, we have our own holocaust, the slaughter of the unborn, performed by well-heeled Englishmen with nice accents and clean fingernails who are kind to their children and wouldn't dream of kicking their pet dogs ... rather like the kindly family men who ran the extermination camps, when you think about it.


steely said...

It is unfortunate that your timely reminder of the suffering of the Ukrainian peoples under Stalin should be linked to ill-considered and provocative remarks about Jews, Zionists and Israel. It is quite simply not the case that there is any general tendency among ‘Jewry’ to claim an ‘exclusive right to the status and rhetoric of victimhood.’ Many Holocaust survivors and scholars have done their utmost to draw attention to other historical and contemporary genocides. In Jerusalem for example, Yad Vashem (the Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority) has hosted a seminar for survivors of the Rwandan genocide – you can read about it here: http://www1.yadvashem.org/about_yad/magazine/magazine_40/data_40/edu_seminar.html

Meanwhile, in the Ukraine ancient, ingrained anti-semitism is once again on the increase. In 1941 the rape, torture and murder of Jews got off to an early start in the Ukraine when the locals rounded on their neighbours before the arrival of the Nazi army and death-squads. Sixty-five years later, Jew-hatred is still alive and (quite literally) kicking. The last available Annual Report from The Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism summarised the position in the Ukraine thus: ‘the year 2006 witnessed an increase in crime motivated by racial hatred, and a commensurate rise in antisemitic attacks and attempted attacks. Jews were stabbed and beaten, and Holocaust memorials and synagogues desecrated. Some antisemites gained seats in the Ukrainian parliament in the March general election.’ You can read the full report on the Institute’s website: http://www.tau.ac.il/Anti-Semitism/asw2006/ukraine.htm

Your comment on the ‘Palestinians’ is as tendentious as it is ill-informed. In Israel (a genuinely multi-party democracy – can you think of many more Middle Eastern examples?) Arab citizens have full rights; there are Arab Members of the Knesset and Arab judges. The undeniable hardship of Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank is much more a result of local mismanagement (and the diversion of aid funding into terrorist equipment and training) than anything to do with Israel’s stern resolve to protect its people from those who still deny its very right to exist. This concern for security is the reason for Israel’s continuing presence beyond its internationally recognized borders, rather than any kind of ‘land-grab’. Your employment of the ‘Nazi slur’ against Israel implicit in the use of the term lebensraum (though you did not have the courage to finish your sentence) is unworthy of a Christian priest and I hope you will withdraw it – its use places you in the company of hardened anti-semites and Jew-haters around the world.

rev'd up said...

Uncle Joe was a Jew (married thrice, each time to yentas). Bolshevism was a Jewish phenomena, Sir Winston Churchill (among others) said so himself.

Jews have aggressively fought against the "genocide" label as it properly should be applied to the events in Ukraine, Turkey and Palestine because each of them is the work of psudoIsrael. Not to mention the African slave trade which was a Jewish enterprise (Jewish sources are used to plainly prove this in the book "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" and subsequent research of Dr. Tony Martin).

In an honest assessment of the abortion industry, one must reasonably come to the conclusion that the vast majority of its practitioners, proponents and professional defenders are Jews.

How convenient that Jews, when confronted with these realities, always boast in the Shoah.

Father, I commend your courage making what statements you did; too few Christians stand up for truth these days. However, your appellation of the German work camps as "extermination camps" is inaccurate. If this claim could be substantiated with more than threats, bluster and Hollywood propaganda, then it should be done. Unfortunately, in the very countries that these crimes are said to have taken place, it is a crime to scientifically investigate the validity of the Jewish claims.

steely said...

Father Hunwicke, I think that my final remark about the company you are keeping has just been fully endorsed.

Little Black Sambo said...

Steely, calm down, dear.