4 March 2009


Friday is the birthday of our late Sovereign Liege Lord, Henry IX, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Cardinal Bishop of Frascati and Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church.

I wonder if readers can suggest ways of celebrating the birthday of one of our greatest sovereigns. I suppose one could go to Oratory in case there is any chance they might have found some Cardinalem vagantem to say Mass there.

I suppose I could drink a bottle of Frascati, but I usually cut down on the wine in Lent.

I could say an EF Requiem if only there were a set of prayers in the Missal "For a Cardinal Bishop who also enjoyed the dignity of a King", but S Pius V seems to have missed a trick there.


Nebuly said...

Perhaps pray for the living in honour of the dead and offer Missa cotidiana pro rege?


Canon Jerome Lloyd OSJV said...

Perfectly prepared to be corrected but... There isn't a Requiem Mass for the anniversary of birth - only death/burial and as Requiem's of the IVth Class or Votive's aren't permitted during Quadragesima (at least in the EF)... is this is a trick question?

Christopher Mott said...

From Fr Michael Melrose:

His most religious majesty, Henry IX, ended his days as Dean of the Sacred College, and therefore was translated from Tusculum (Frascati) to the suburbican see of Albano.

I suggest you put a bunch of white roses in S. Thomas's. Or, as he died of a surfeit of melons, you might eat a melon - better at all events than a surfeit of lampreys (but please don't die!). As his birthday must count as a feast day, a glass or two of frascati must be allowable.