17 August 2009

Assumption hymns

The post-conciliar revisers, in their first draft of the Hymnarium, proposed to offer a ninth century hymn, O quam glorifica, on Assumption day. It did not make it to the final cut, but it does appear in the new Office Book on August 22, the old Octave day, to which Bugnini transferred the Feast of Mary, Queen (at the same time ejecting the Immaculate Heart from that day onto the Saturday after the Sacred Heart). Interestingly, that hymn was, in the first millennium, a Proper hymn for the Assumption.

I do rather feel that combining the Queenship of Mary with her Octave day does have a lot to be said for it. I sympathise with the Marian frenzy of the pontificate of Pius XII - that sort of thing is rather fun from time to time - but his liturgists never had an over-all, holistic look at the arrangement of the new feasts he ordered to be put into the calendar. Even if Vatican II had never happened, a bit of sorting would have been in order in the next pontificate. Yes? They might have decided to make the old feast pro aliquibus locis of our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces, on May 31, a Feast of the Universal Church.


Rubricarius said...

Please spare the Octave Days!

They are fine as they are without having another feast put on them. The Assumption Octave was thoroughly ruined by this, before it got the chop as was the Octave of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin getting down-graded in 1911-13, having the Seven Dolours wipe out its Octave Day before losing its, reduced, Octave under the Pius XII cuts.

Joshua said...

Omni die dic Mariae
Mea laudes anima:
Ejus festa, ejus gesta
Cole devotissima.