7 September 2009

Vesting Prayers

Is it customary for Deacon and Subdeacon to say Vesting Prayers?

Why not? the prayers for the Dalmatic and Tunicle are already provided among the prayers to be said by a bishop when vesting, and I suspect they are of some antiquity because they express the first-millennium idea that these vestments are signs of joy (which is why during penitential seasons they are replaced by folded chasubles - find my treatment of that via the Archive facility). Oh yes ... and can I ask ... am I the only person who puts the Maniple on after the Dalmatic for fear that otherwise my left arm will get helplessly entangled? Come to think of it, the Maniple Prayer doesn't go particularly well with the Dalmatic Prayer.

While we're on Vesting Prayers ... I've always envied pontiffs the prayer said while taking off the Cappa: Undress me, O Lord, of the Old Man with his morals and activities ... There ought to be another prayer (I hope someone would like to compose one, preferably in Latin) for the pontiff to say, after Mass, as he again puts on the Old Adam and goes back to his ordinary everyday life of murdering, fornicating, and embezzling.


rev'd up said...

I see you've heard about the Vatican Bank, Father! What a blessing that Leo XIII lit that fire!

Or perhaps you were thinking of the Pope's...

Utter blindness to the plight of the Palestinians while visiting the (un-)Holy Land or otherwise while sitting in front of his TV sipping a gin-fizz.

Failure to censure/excommunicate philo-abortive US and European politicians (the Pope sure does smile a lot during such get togethers! I do wonder what he's thinking?).

Inability to punish the eugenics propaganda mill at the U of Notre Dame; but it was bully of the Pope to have some nice things to say about Obamabort's speech.

Utter silence regarding the pickle-sniffer, paedophile scandal which continues unabated. But then if the moral haute couture are to be consulted, the world ought to give a big 'thank you' to the RCC for being avant garde on human sexuality (soon to be officially propagated as 'Theology of the Orifice').

The not so subtle removal of Bishop Martino (Scranton, USA) because Martino actually practiced what he preached - can't have that now, can we! (I think they've wanted to get Martino ever since he shut down the traditionallist Latin sodomite cult known as the Society of St. John). Well, that group of wankers have moved on to more fertile soil.

Let's nominate, Timothy Svea, former Superior of the Institute and occasional bunkie of Fr. Z's in the house that Jack built, to compose the proposed prayer. He has rich field experience.

Rubricarius said...

What about during Advent and Lent? Should there be a special seasonal prayer when the deacon and subdeacon don planetis plicatis?

Chris said...

I'm sure I've seen hanging up in a vestry somewhere - or even in the front of an altar Missal (Maybe EM, 4th ed.?) the prayers for the celebrant, followed by "Prayer of the Deacon in putting on the Dalmatic" and "Prayer of the Subdeacon in putting on the tunicle", which sounds fairly definitive.

For the folded chasuble, why not the same prayer as the priest uses for the unfolded?

Vincent de Paul said...

Ceremonies of High Mass.
Dublin 1843
For both Subdeacon & Deacon: when washing hands he "may say Da, Domine etc" and while vesting "may say the prayers given for each vestment in the missal". For tunicle and dalmatic he "May use the prayer to be said by a bishop".

And for the maniple with dalmatic- the deacon is to kiss the maniple in due order of vestments "but he does not take the maniple until the Celebrant is entirely vested."
As usual with ceremonial, such logic and good sense.

Independent said...

Every village in England used to have a village idiot, and this now seems to be the case on websites. I suppose it is beneficial to us all as we are required to exercise charity when faced with their effusions. I wonder why they are so often anti-semitic and anti-catholic?

rev'd up said...

Mr. Indecipherable, "Every village in England used to have a village idiot."

How special!

I take it you are serving several locals? I pity them - such an humorless and banal idiot too. Perchance, this will help you with your cerebral dyspepsia.


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