17 September 2009


We took a day off and went to see Waddesdon today; a 'French chateau' built by Ferdinand de Rothschild to house his immense collection of Bourbon French goodies. And what fun; as good as the Wallace Collection. Better than, if you include the fountains, reconstructed after being bought from the duke of Parma. What superb taste Baron Ferdinand had. The Spirit of Ovid lives; long live the Spirit of Ovid.

And how much more enjoyable than nearby Blenheim, a pompous overblown tasteless monument to Johnny Churchill's treachery to James II. If I have to choose between the taste of Jewish bankers and that of the traitorous clique that kept the House of Stuart off the throne, then give me that of the Jewish bankers any day of the week.

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Christian said...

Dear me! While I would not condone Churchill's treachery, there is only one word which can accurately describe Waddesdon: VULGAR.