29 October 2009

Elephants never forget

Is it really true that Dr Bugnini's baptismal name was Hannibal? Is it really permitted to baptise with a name that perpetuates the memory of the old Semitic fertility god Ba'al? Wouldn't such a name imply that its holder was destined to be a promoter of idolatry?

Please don't post smartypants questions like "What does S Isidore's name mean?"

Is the name Annibale common among Italian Freemasons?


johnf said...

It appears that there was a St Annibale, so Bugnini's Christian name was kosher, if you see what I mean.

I am always intrigued by the names children are given in Italy and Spain and Greece. Pius XI was Achille wasnt he? and Virgilio is quite common, Agamemnon in Greece. And what about Jesus in Spain and Latin America?

Priests used to refuse to baptise a child using a non-christian name such as Ali. Therefore how could there ever be a St Ali?

(Oh! I've just googled St Ali and he is a muslim saint - a sufi mystic and the so called patron saint of Yemen! Well, well, well)

rev'd up said...

His last name always makes me think of Bulgaria. Wonder why?

Independent said...

My son-in-law had difficulty in registering his children in Spain as Ruben Daniel and Efraim Tristan. However recouse to the Holy Bible settled the matter. Perhaps had he stuck to the names of bullfighters and pop or film stars he might have found the process easier.

Johnf - there are shady bars (in all senses) called Jesus in Spain.

Arch Anglo-Catholic said...

Don't forget the fine Anglican writer of hymn tunes, the Reverend John Bacchus Dykes!

Convenor said...
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Convenor said...

Dear Fr,

I wonder if you could take a look at our blog: www.catholicheritage.blogspot.com. We're a group of layfolk in Ireland attached to the TLM. We publish a journal called CHRISTVS REGNAT twice a year. I think it would be extremely interesting for us to hear something about the range of liturgy that might be used by the proposed Ordinariates. If you would be willing to give us something to publish, I'd be very grateful if you'd contact us through one of the e-mail addresses on the site.

Please feel free to delete this comment.

God bless,

Thomas Murphy

Fr.Ogs said...

Dear Fr.,
Your Bugnini post got me googling. Now I knew, of course, that +Geoffrey had been of the Craft (and was +William, his predecessor? - who gave away all the Church's Education system to Attlee & Co....)
But much of what I read, about Illuminati, about The French Revolution (Never realised before that it was that particular 'Brotherhood' which was being proclaimed), about the 'fifth-column' approach to destroying Christianity from within chimed with what I sometimes read on another Blog about New World Order. I came away with a growing respect for HH Leo XIII! "Deep waters, here, Jeeves." indeed.

Nebuly said...

I hope that you will forgive your most excellent blog being used by me to inform Convenor (Thomas Murphy) that following their Anglican Captivity - not too Babylonian I trust ) the Copes from St Francis Xavier's Gardiner Street have been sent to St Kevin's and placed in the PERSONAL possession of Father Deighan