14 November 2009

Another bit of Mohrmann

See earlier posts comparing latin originals with Mohrmann and Cranmer.Pentecost 17
Grant we beseech you O Lord that your people may avoid the temptations of the devil, and with pure minds follow you the only God.
Trinity 18
Lord we beseech thee grant thy people grace to avoid the infections of the Devil and with pure heart and mind to follow thee the only God.
Pius V
Da quaesumus Domine populo tuo diabolica vitare contagia, et te solum Deum pura mente sectari.
I just love the way Cranmer keeps the idea of diabolical Evil as a contagion we catch and pass on. The 1662 Prayer Book - and Mohrmann - mess this up. But there are hundreds of sermons in it.

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Michael McDonough said...

Yes, Mohrmann's "avoid the temptations of the devil" is asking too much, whereas Cranmer's "avoid the infections of the Devil" is more realistic (since we are promised trials in this life as a means of being assayed).

But (as a rhetorical note) why not use "contagions" rather than "infections"? At least these days, with "swine flue" rampant, "contagion" seems less clinical (to my ear), and connotes the idea of "contact". Perhaps it was the opposite in Cranmer's day?