10 February 2010


Tomorrow, Feast of our Blessed Lady of Lourdes, affords one of those liturgical coincidences with which the Compiler of the Celestial ORDO delights to delight us. If the day had been a feria, the Mattins reading from Genesis would have been about YHWH setting his Bow in the heavens as a sign to Noah of His Covenant. But it isn't. Yet in the Mattins which the Old Rite gives us of our Lady's Appearance, we find this elegant piece of typology: "R Like a bow shining among the clouds, and like the blossom of roses in days of spring, and like lilies in the places that water passes through,* Thus shines the Virgin Immaculate. V I shall set my bow in the clouds, and it will be a sign of my Covenant with you. Thus ..."

Did Leo XIII's liturgists dream this up, or is the typology from one of the Fathers? Anyway, a pretty 'organic' piece of liturgical development, sez I . (Perhaps you gather from this that I have just started reading for review Laszlo Dobszay's The Restoration and Organic Development of the Roman Rite.)

I like the feast, and texts, of our Lady of Lourdes, anyway. They suggest that spring might come soon.

Unless, of course, you're Oz.


Michael McDonough said...

"They suggest that spring might come soon."

I'm sure it will, someday, though from the depths of all the global warming going on around here one might be forgiven for having his doubts. Perhaps the fact that today's blizzard is starting out at or above the freezing mark, rather than 10 degrees lower, is a hopeful sign. My guess, though, is that Prof Tighe has been getting it much worse than we have here on the coast.

I looked into my 1962 hand missal to read the Mass of Our Lady of Lourdes, and in the little blurb describing the feast, they mentioned something that I had never noticed in the past. The day when Our Lady told Bernadette that she was the Immaculate Conception was non other than March 25!

Pastor in Valle said...

THANK you! Splendid, and very teaching. I hadn't noticed this myself.
(Excuse the uncials: for some reason I can't manage italics: I don't mean to shout!)

Pastor in Valle said...

Sorry Mr McDonough: my remark was addressed to Fr Hunwicke: we must have posted at the same time.

Rubricarius said...

Ah, the Wisdom of the Celestial Ordo Compiler - may He enlighten His humble compilers below.

Patricius said...

Exquisite post...re modern Liturgy books. They clearly have no imagination. Who thought of the title!