31 May 2010

Mary Month

I hope they have nice weather at Walsingham for the National; a great event in English Church life for decades and, this year (didn't I say the the Compiler of the Celestial ORDO has excelled himself in his liturgical arrangements for 2010?) the last day of Mary's Month. For most people it will be the feast of our Lady's Visitation; which I would rather leave on July 2; for SSPX, FSSP, etc., it will be the novel feast of the Queenship of Mary (Pius XII, 1955), a theme which I think is best observed at Assumptiontide and during its Octave. My EF Mass this morning was of our Lady, Mediatrix of Graces, a festival granted for this day by Pius XI in 1922. Here is part of the fourth Reading at Mattins, from S Ephraim the Deacon.

My mistress, most holy Mother of God and Full of Grace, inexhaustible ocean of divine and secret bounties and gifts, the beseeching of all good things, Mistress of all after the Trinity, another consoler after the Paraclete, and, after the Mediator, Mediatrix of all the world ... thou hast filled creation with every kind of benefit, to the dwellers in heaven thou hast brought joy, thou hast brought salvation to earthly things. By thee we hold the most certain proof of our resurrection; by thee we believe that we shall obtain the kingdom of heaven; through thee all glory, honour and holiness, from the first Adam and unto the very end of the world, has flowed, is flowing, and will flow, to the Apostles, the Prophets, to those of righteous and humble heart; and in thee rejoices, O Full of Grace, the whole creation.

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Fr LR said...

I just set up my Missale to do the same. Excellent!