2 June 2010

Pentecost in retrospect

I see that the Holy Father, on Pentecost Sunday, again enunciated the thesis which led to the very public row between himself and Walter Kasper, not long before the Conclave: that the Universal Church theologically 'precedes' the Local Church. I wonder if Professor Kasper will respond this time. I suppose Professor Ratzinger's thesis is now to be deemed to have formal support from the Magisterium.

And I see that they had a Marian festival at St John Cantius on Pentecost Sunday. I don't quite understand this. I don't think anybody who reads this blog is likely to suspect me of lacking devotion to our Lady; but I can't see the propriety of having a Marian theme overshadowing the celebration of the third great festival of the year, even though there is no doubt that she is Sponsa Spiritus Sancti. After all, she is a creature and the Holy Spirit is Almighty God. But quite apart from that ... well ... I don't think I would consider it quite liturgically appropriate, either, to have a fervorino about the Holy Spirit on August 15. What is the point of the Liturgical Year if it doesn't guide our devotion?

Oh: and by the way: can somebody tell me whether the CIEL Mass at the Brompton Oratory on the Saturday within the Octave of Pentecost was the marvellously austere and suggestively penitential old Mass for the Day, with its six lections? Or did they chicken? Restorationists do sometimes have a slightly candyfloss approach the Old Rite, but CIEL can be expected to know better.


josephmchardy said...

Yes, Father, there were lots of readings at the Oratory last Saturday.

Patricius said...

Once again Father I agree with everything you say and consider the lamentable state of Liturgy in the Western Church the greatest possible hindrance to the Salvation of souls...

asshur said...

A Marian linkage -and absolute overshadowing- to Pentecost is patent regionaly in Western Andalusia in Spain.

There the pilgrimage to the Shrine of the "Virgen del Rocio" (Our Lady of the Dew) is the main religious and social event on Pentecost Sunday. And for an abuse it lasts for over two hundred years.
The mismatch is so big that one of the most popular cries "Viva la Blanca Paloma" (Long life to the White Dove) is almost universally thought to refer to the BVM instead of the Holy Spirit.

The pilgrimage is so huge that police sources have, with certain regularity, reported numbers over ONE MILLION people in the hamlet on Pentecost weekend. To tell the truth, the pilgrimage -which can last over a week- is also a extremely festive event, in the secular sense even for the usual merry standards of spanish pilgrimages

Rubricarius said...

Could someone familiar with modern rites explain how St. John Cantius could not celebrate Pentecost Sunday?

I am not so sure about a 'candy floss' approach, I would have thought it more on the level of the, now defunct, Woolworths' 'Pic 'n' Mix'.

Fr LR said...

"Viva la Blanca Paloma"

Wasn't that a popular song?


Looks kinda Novus Ordo, eh?

Fr Terry said...

Maurice Villain deplores using the fact that the Ascenscion falls in Mary's Month of May to justify observing it with a Marian procession. "As for Pentecost words fail me " "Unity a history 1961/1963p205

asshur said...

@Fr LR
Not that one please. Aaarghh. That song (?) was a huge blockbuster in Germany in the early 70' (Bad memories) Btw, the title was "Una Paloma Blanca" (a subtle but noticiable change of meaning in spanish)

The devotion of the Virgin of "El Rocio" has a very distinct and characteristic musical setting. The most outstanding is the Salve, f.i. at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ6Y-dP1lnc&feature=related.

As a matter of fact a complete setting is used in Her votive Masses ( search for "Misa Rociera") modelled after the one was presented to HH John Paul II at his pilgrimage.

St Pius X wouldn't probably approve. Bu t is one of the few "folk music" Masses i've experienced really reverent and on target (even as personally i can't stand flamenco music) , perhaps due to the fact that that music grew around the firecamps during the pilgrimage

Fr LR said...

True, asshur, we all have bad flashbacks of "Una Paloma" - the old yodeler Slim Whitman covered it here in the USA (of course, Geo Baker's "Little Green Bag" is a better song).

Hasn't Fr. H, in the pages of this blog, quoted HH as remarking on the "shocking" nature of certain Spanish devotions. The link you provided took me there. Thank you, for broadening my horizons. Ole!